Spring is here, the perfect time to be out and about in the natural world

Being out in nature is a source of happiness 


Many people feel that getting out in nature increases their feeling of happiness and improves concentration. Our guest blogger, Pete Yeo is a reconciliation ecologist and nature connection guide. For him, spending time in nature is essential:


“Vitamin G or Vitamin Green is a term that has come to be associated with the health and wellbeing benefits of access to ‘greenspace’, whether that be countryside, parks, gardens or allotments.


“These benefits relate to both physical and mental health. Key effects are the lowering of the stress hormone (cortisol) and increased output of feel good endorphins, whether you are walking, jogging, forest bathing, or attending a ‘green gym’.  And positive effects have also been shown for those with visual access; hospital patients with a window onto a garden get better more rapidly.


“Immersing ourselves in nature brings cognitive benefits, increasing sensory and motor skills in both adults and children, whilst prolonged immersion has been shown to reduce the symptoms of attention deficit disorders, according to researchers. 


“Unsurprisingly, we also feel happier when we spend time outdoors.  Copenhagen’s Happiness Research Institute, reports that participants in their ‘mappiness’ project are significantly and substantially happier outdoors in all green or natural habitats than they are in harsh urban environments.” 


How do you feel about the great outdoors? If you love it, make sure you schedule some time during Lifestyle Spring Clean week to get outside and soak up that Vitamin G.


Pete is offering one lucky winner a ‘Carbon Savvy’ garden consultation for Lifestyle Spring Clean week. Offering advice for those wanting to know more about the plants in their garden or surrounding countryside and for those looking for low-impact ways of gardening. Whether you have acres of land or just a window box, Pete Yeo can offer advice and guidance on low carbon methods of gardening.  If you want to contact Pete about his services, click here 


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Pete Yeo, Connecting with nature makes for a happier life.