Learn how to make vegan burgers with the Vegetarian society

A few of our favourite foods…

The most important question when we are about to put something in our mouths is, how good is it going to taste?!  Hard on the heels of that, we want to know if it’s healthy and good for us.  Luckily, there are many kinds of foods that fit the bill.


In 2021 we have more choice about the foods we eat than ever.  And it is an exciting time because, while we are in the middle of a maze of possibilities, we are also able to make choices that have a real influence on how our food is produced.


Modern meat-production is creating a significant proportion of greenhouse gasses, making us rethink the amount of meat that we eat, as a society.  So one of the 7 easy carbon-saving actions that you can take, is simply adding one more plant-based meal into your diet.


Why don’t we eat more veg? They’re healthy, cost-effective and, above all, delicious.” says Hugh Fernley Wittingstall in his book River Cottage Veg, full of mouth watering, yet doable recipes.


If you enjoy a bit of more detailed guidance, The Vegetarian Society run online courses with vegan and vegetarian foods https://vegsoc.org/cookery-school/  They are offering a course on scrumptious street food to one lucky winner of the #LifestyleSpringClean prize draw.  Perfect for all of us who miss eating out during the lockdown!


It doesn’t have to be about giving up meat all together, but rather having more options when it comes to yummy dishes on the table.  In the kitchen, a little time and effort goes a long way.


Bon appetite!