About Us

We are a community interest company, working to support individuals, businesses and councils get to net zero with simple, positive information on the biggest, easiest things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, and show how these can increase your health, wealth and happiness.

We believe that life in the low carbon future will be far better than today, with multiple benefits for individuals and organisations and a more affluent, healthy and connected society. We help councils, businesses and individuals work towards this goal by offering footprint calculators to monitor your carbon footprint and set goals for reducing it, and by highlighting the lifestyle choices that both lower carbon footprints and raise quality of life.

Meet The Team


Founding Director

Mukti is a sailor, carpenter and environmental entrepreneur. He has won awards in the fields of carbon calculators, eco-design and innovation, and sailed around Britain to promote low carbon lifestyles in 2007, reaching an audience of 10 million. He founded Mitchell & Dickinson, period property insulators, and Carbon Savvy, assisting councils, businesses and individuals to reach net zero. Based on 25 years of experience, his positive, uplifting talks explain how reducing your carbon footprint increases health and happiness. It’s a win-win-win.


Comms. and Content

Maya brings to the team a passion for clear, simple communication on the different aspects of climate change and how our personal lives are linked to the bigger picture.

Maya’s studies in environmental philosophy and her interest in values, meaning and how we relate with the world we live in, has led her to work on diverse ecologically conscious projects. At Carbon Savvy her role is co-creating content, keeping a presence on social media, and developing programmes with local councils.


CO2 Emissions Expert

Alex is a Carbon Savvy collaborator, carrying out research into carbon footprint data sources and developing the detailed methodology for the Taster, Popular and Full Tools.

Alex is a professional engineer with a PhD from Cambridge University. He has held senior management positions in several renewable energy businesses but is now an independent consultant. He is committed to promoting renewable energy and energy sustainability.



Rachael is a Marine ecologist, renewable energy co-operative founder, and carbon footprint experimenter.

Rachael previously worked for the Environment Agency as a Biodiversity Officer, she then went on to help set up 7 community energy co-operatives whilst working for Energy4All. She moved to North Devon 3 years ago, where she works with diverse environmental groups. She is passionate about the environment and currently experimenting with her own carbon footprint to see what it takes to reduce it to 2 tonnes CO2e per year.

Our Work

Working with district councils

Many councils across the UK have declared a climate emergency and are keen to reduce carbon footprints in their areas.  Our simple programme enables councils to help constituents understand their personal carbon footprint and offers easy ways to reduce it.

Our pilot programme ran from Oct 2020- Dec 2021 with the following Devon councils:

North Devon Council

Torridge DC

South Hams DC

West Devon Borough Council

Partnerships and Collaborations

Working with other organisations with similar goals enables the net zero message to reach people in many different ways.  We also support each other by pooling expertise in different areas, and function as a support team for each other’s projects.

Our partners in Devon include:

Some of our events are sponsored by:   Mitchell & Dickinson, Insulation services for period properties.

Carbon know-how, Courses for all levels

Low-carbon expert Mukti Mitchell gives talks and workshops on the easiest ways to reducing your carbon footprint and how this can improve your quality of life.  We also run three different courses about carbon footprints.  See our events page for upcoming talks and courses.

Carbon Ambassadors is an in-depth course comprised of eight 2-hour sessions (live), with all you need to know to become a Carbon Ambassador.  There is also a flexible learning version of this course, Carbon Ambassadors Uncut.

The Carbon Savers Course offers an introduction to carbon saving with a range of materials including a 15-minute video briefing on each topic.