Effective ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere

Planet Earth has a finite capacity to absorb CO2, so it’s vital that actions are taken promptly to remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere and to reduce our ongoing emissions. What can we do that would be fast and effective?  Investing in projects that sequester carbon in developing countries can have a significant impact on global CO2 levels, and a huge amount can be done at a relatively low cost.  

By paying for carbon-saving projects elsewhere we can reduce the impact of our own carbon emissions.  The sale of carbon removals or carbon offsets facilitates this process.  

This interview with Adrian Rimmer from Just Carbon delves into the best practices and real world efficacy of carbon removals currently available on the market (16 minutes).

You can purchase carbon removals to offset your current year’s emissions, your life to date, the rest of your life, individual activities such as holidays and as gifts for your friends, family and relatives.

To avert climate change we need the carbon removals market to take off.  Every one of us can play a part by purchasing carbon removals to mitigate the impact of our footprint.  We now have 100% genuine, verified and certified carbon removals available to buy, to mitigate your carbon emitting activities.  Carbon Savvy sells offsets from JustCarbon, who have created JC removal tokens using the highest quality of offsets available today.

JustCarbon Removals

Each JustCarbon Removal (JCR) token represents 1 tonne of CO2 sequestered, and is guaranteed to be:

1) From nature based projects

2) Certified by the world’s top certification bodies (Gold Standard or Verra)

3) Always sequestered in the last 5 years, meaning they are verified using up-to-date methods. 

Every JCR has the additional certification of the CCBA (Climate, Community and Biodiversity Association), which ensures that as well as removing CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere, each project is always beneficial to the community and biodiversity in the local region where it took place.

Our partners at JustCarbon

JustCarbon simplifies offsetting carbon emissions and supports high-quality carbon removal projects to combat climate change.

JustCarbon have created tokens called JCRs. These are a block-chain based market for carbon offsets which is designed to standardise the quality of offsets, give easy, low-cost access for buyers and sellers and send a high proportion of funds directly to the sequestration projects, whilst being managed in a decentralised, democratic way. JCRs represent the highest quality offsets available today.


Footprint calculators

If you are considering buying carbon removals, you could calculate your carbon footprint first, to help you decide how much of your footprint you’d like to offset this year.