“Using the Carbon Savvy Popular Calculator was a revelation – so clear and simple to use, with an immediate result enabling me to easily grasp my carbon footprint and providing me with ideas for how to start reducing it.”

Councillor Rebecca Smith, Plymouth City Council

Choose your perfect carbon calculator

Whether you find numbers a bit daunting, or are a bit of a geek and love them, you’ll find one of our three calculators is right up your street.

The taster calculator takes just 1 minute and the popular calculator 5 minutes, both are based on info that most people have in their heads. The full calculator requires having your fuel bills to hand and takes around 45 minutes, giving you the satisfaction of picking up the smallest of changes you make in your lifestyle.

Taster Carbon Calculator


This calculator is an introduction to your personal carbon footprint. It’s quick and easy and you can play with entering different numbers to see how much CO2 you save through various lifestyle choices. Enjoy.

Popular Carbon Calculator

This calculator takes just 5 minutes and gives a fairly accurate personal carbon footprint for typical lifestyles. You can play with different entries to see what effect they have on your footprint.

Full Carbon Calculator now online

The full carbon calculator gives you detailed footprinting of every aspect of your life, giving you the satisfaction of seeing the results of every action you take, large or small.

If you want a detailed and highly accurate carbon footprint, you have come to the right place. This calculator builds on 25 years of experience in carbon footprinting and a reputation for the most user friendly and accurate carbon calculators on the world wide web.

“The Carbon Savvy leaflet will come to be seen as a turning point in our approach to sustainability, positioning it as a handbook to good citizenship rather than a lifestyle option. This is the highest praise I could offer anything or anybody in these times of upheaval.”

Sir Tim Smit OBE, Eden Project

“The Carbon Savvy leaflet is by far the most popular of it’s kind.”

Dr Simon Pickering, Ecotricity

“It is the best leaflet on what individuals can do that we have seen.”

Councillor Bernard Foster, Mendip District Council