A retrofit coordinator will survey your home and give well-informed advice on improving energy efficiency.

How to keep homes warm but costs low

Having a warm cosy home makes everybody feel good. Making sure your home is well insulated is the best way to create a warm home without spending a small fortune on heating bills. This is because different types of insulation stop heat escaping through the walls, windows, doors, roof and floors of your home, meaning the amount of energy you purchase from your energy supplier goes down.


However, the world of home energy efficiency can be a confusing place to be if you don’t know your cavity walls from your EPCs. Insulating your house can be a major decision, and one that is difficult to make if you are not sure which companies to trust. 


361 Energy and many other community energy groups across Devon see insulating our houses as an important step towards reducing CO2 emissions. They are working in tandem to provide a retrofit service to homeowners all over Devon who would like support with their home energy improvements. 


A Retrofit Coordinator from 361 Energy will take a hands-on approach to making your home energy use more efficient.  They will:

  1. Assess the performance of your home by looking at the running costs (fuel bills), energy usage (kWh) & environmental impact (kgCO2e).
  2. Create a Whole House Plan (WHD) that summarises the energy and retrofit recommendations specific to your home. This plan outlines how to improve the EPC rating of your home, reduce fuel bills and cut your carbon emissions. 
  3. Take on the role of project manager, if the homeowner wishes, and work with the contractors (builders, plumbers, electricians) to implement the improvements. 
  4. Give advice about funding available to support home-owners with home energy improvements. 


361 Energy is offering one lucky winner the chance to have an energy assessment of their house, a complete & a comprehensive Whole House Plan report created to help show the step by step actions to take to help reduce the carbon footprint of your house.  (The value of this assessment is £250) 

Have you entered the #LifestyleSpringClean week competition for the chance to win this or another eco prize?  If not, now is your chance! Good Luck