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Easy Carbon Cutting

Learn the easiest ways to reduce your footprint whilst increasing your quality of life


What is it?

Fun and easy introduction to cutting your carbon footprint and improving your quality of life.  

Trainer Mukti Mitchell has a reputation for expertise in this field based on a quarter of century of experience.  His uplifting, fun and positive approach means you’ll come out enthused and knowing exactly what to do to cut your footprint by 10% in one year, as well as knowing how this will improve your quality of life.


Who is it for?

Individuals, students, teachers and anyone who wants to get a simple and complete view of how to play your part in the global drive towards net zero CO2 emissions.


What you will learn

  • The effects of CO2 in warming our planet.
  • How individuals, councils and governments are working together to reduce it.
  • Find out your footprint (no need to tell anyone, it’s personal info just like your bank account)
  • The easiest, fastest ways to reduce your footprint by 10% per year
  • Why playing your part will improve your quality of life.


What’s unique

  • Positive, guilt-free approach
  • Helps you choose a first step that’s just right for you
  • Includes a quality of life self-assessment
  • How to make it easy and fun


Dates & Costs

  • Three sessions from 9:00 – 10.30 am on Wednesday mornings. April 14, 21, 28. 
  • Full price £39.00.  Introductory offer 50% discount £19.50