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The fourth edition of this acclaimed course.  8 sessions offering an overview carbon footprints, the biggest things we can do to save CO2 and how these can raise our quality of life.  

Hosted by the Resurgence Trust and Carbon Savvy and featuring special guests from diverse fields who share their own experiences of low-carbon lifestyle choices and their insights on how to approach climate action.

Course presenter Mukti Mitchell is a sailor, a carpenter, author of ‘The Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles’ and founder of Mitchell & Dickinson period insulation services and Carbon Savvy. He is known for sailing around the UK in a hand-built eco yacht to promote low-carbon lifestyles, endorsed by the Prince of Wales and the prime minister.

What you will learn

  • How the carbon cycle works
  • Global, national and individual footprints and how they are linked by contraction and convergence
  • Key elements of a UK carbon footprint and the fastest ways to reduce it
  • How individual footprints drive system change
  • The five major lifestyle areas and how to save COin each
  • What psychologists say makes us happy and how this links to saving CO2
  • Why a positive, guilt-free approach is more effective and how to make it fun


More information coming soon…