Offset the festivities

If you have family or friends who care about climate change, making their Christmas carbon neutral could be the perfect gift. You can do this by gifting one of our Christmas offsets.

When you purchase offsets you fund projects that are absorbing CO2 on a huge scale. The offsets provided by Carbon Savvy – with our partners JustCarbon – are 100% guaranteed, instant and nature based, so they also increase biodiversity and support local communities.

Knowing that the emissions produced by getting together and celebrating Christmas have been completely offset by projects that would not otherwise have happened, can make the festivities even more enjoyable.

5 gift vouchers to choose from

Each gift voucher represents a different amount of CO2 being offset, ranging from Christmas dinner for a family of four (0.5 tonnes) at £15, to a year’s carbon footprint (typically 15 tonnes) at £375.

Offset Christmas dinner for the whole family - half a tonne of CO2 for £15
Offset Christmas dinner for the whole family –
Half a tonne of CO2 for £15
Offset the 12 days of Christmas for one person –
1.0 tonne CO2 for £30
Offset Christmas day for a family of four –
2 tonnes CO2 for £60
Offset your giftee’s carbon footprint from Christmas to Easter –
5 tonnes CO2 for £125
Offset your giftee’s whole carbon footprint for the last year –
15 tonnes CO2 for £375

How to gift an offset

i. Download the voucher of your choice

ii. Purchase the offset certificate to go with it here

iii. Print or email the voucher and certificate to your giftee with your personal message

Your giftee will receive…

The Christmas offset voucher explaining exactly what has been offset – a certificate with their name on it certifying the quantity of CO2 removed –  a link to a video clip telling the giftee about the carbon removals (see video above) – and an invitation for the giftee to do their carbon footprint if they wish.

More about offsets

What is the carbon footprint of Christmas?

This will vary depending on how (and where) you spend these special days.  A typical UK family Christmas is 650 kg of CO2 per person – this includes food, gifts, local travel, heating etc.  Research has found that for a family of four over 3 days of festivities in the UK, around 2.6 tonnes of CO2 are emitted. (Note that this does not include flying or long-distance travel which could add a lot.)

Why buy offsets?

The UK and similar wealthy nations have high carbon emissions, but we also have one big advantage – our currencies are very strong.  This means that alongside reducing our own emissions, we can fund carbon removals in parts of the world with lower currencies where far more CO2 is offset per pound spent.  By doing this we are effectively crowdfunding carbon removal projects.  Read more detail about how carbon removals work and why they are so important in our blog. 

Visit our Carbon Removals page to learn more about the offsets we sell, and our partners Just Carbon.

What else can I do to stay low carbon this Christmas?

  • Visit our shopping page for ways to shop which are low carbon and eco-friendly 
  • Follow us on social media and get a carbon saving tip every day until 24th December

Wishing you a merry low carbon Christmas