What’s the Opportunity?

Sir David Attenborough and others have highlighted the United Nations’ warning that we have until just 2030 to cut global CO2 emissions.

The great news is that almost all actions that cut CO2 lead to improved quality of life, health and happiness.

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What’s in it
for me?

Can you really improve your quality of life and emit less CO2? Yes, and we have 25 years of experience showing how.

Whether it is a small step like buying a toaster that lasts 5 times as long, or a big step like insulating your home, choices that save CO2 usually increase your well-being.

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Best carbon calculators!

If you’re thinking to make choices that save CO2, you deserve to feel good about your progress.

So we’ve designed a carbon footprint calculator to make it easy, whether you want a 2-minute check or a detailed analysis, and based on the world’s best.

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“Carbon Savvy will come to be seen as a turning point in our approach to sustainability. This is the highest praise I could offer anything or anybody in these times.”


What’s the opportunity?

So the United Nations’ and climate science say we have until just 2030 to cut global CO2 emissions. If we don’t do it, we risk the ability of future generations to be able to survive on our beautiful planet.

The good news is that most actions that save CO2 raise quality of life, health and wellbeing, and can save money too. Decarbonisation is also one of our biggest economic opportunities. Our low carbon society after 2030 will be a big step forwards for quality of life, and we’ll be healthier and happier! Read on to find out why.

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What’s in it for me?

It might sound too good to be true, but improving your quality of life really can save CO2

Why is this so? The five lifestyle areas that take up most of our money and time are keeping warm, transport, food, shopping and holidays. Let’s look at keeping warm as an example. To improve our keep warm and improve our quality of life, we can insulate our homes. This makes us more comfortable, reduces dampness making us less susceptible to respiratory problems, and can save so much money on fuel bills that it’s one of the highest returning investments available today. And insulating your home can save up to 80% of your CO2 emissions in this lifestyle area. That’s how improving your quality of life reduces your carbon footprint from keeping warm.

This is just one example – improving your quality of life reduces CO2 emissions in other lifestyle areas too.


World’s Best Carbon Calculators

One of the most satisfying ways to get started is to calculate your carbon footprint. Knowing your baseline gives you the feel good factor of seeing your results. Your carbon footprint is private just like your bank balance so dont feel you need to tell anyone about it. If anyone asks you can say “I’m on track for 10% reductions this year.”

For a quick answer, our fast calculator only takes 1 minute. You’ll find it fascinating to see which lifestyle areas create the most and least CO2 in your own life – it’s nearly always surprising!

If you’d like more detail and accuracy our popular calculator takes around 5 minutes. And we aim to have our full calculator, which will show even the smallest of improvements, on line by autumn 2020. All our calculators are based on the best reputed carbon calculators on the world wide web.

Carbon footprint in less than 1 minute!

A great place to start

Gives your footprint & general recommendations


Detailed footprint in 5-10 minutes

More accurate carbon footprint

Specific recommendatrions and CO2 tonnage per year


The 10 steps to a planet positive footprint

Carbon Savvy is here to help you navigate the journey to a planet positive lifestyle, and we’re enthusiastic to show you why it’s easy and fun. We realise that everyone comes to this from a different place, so we’ve created a website with several ways to engage. Whether you are new to this and want to understand the challenge and opportunity of climate change, are more interested in how saving CO2 improves your quality of life, or want to cut to the chase with your footprint and taking the 10 steps to save CO2, we want you to start from where you are, and ensure that, as the saying goes, ‘all the way to heaven is heaven!’

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